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​​​​​​​Brief outline of the NZBPSF Inc:

The New Zealand Black Powder Shooters Federation Inc is here to provide information to help shooters develop and promote their interest in all forms of black powder shooting in New Zealand.

Our constitutional aim is to promote black powder shooting at all levels within New Zealand and to ensure that NZ shooters are able to participate in national and international competition.

To this end we hold annually National rifle, pistol, shot gun and long range championships run to local and international rules as formulated by the NZBPSF and the international black powder shooting organisation ( MLAIC ) that we also represent.

We also organise and support a number of ‘primitive rendezvous’ each year throughout NZ and especially the “NZ Mountain Man Event" which is shot over the Christmas and New Year period and the Winter Mountain Man event over Queens Birthday weekend in June.

As a national organisation we have public liability insurance and an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) which are available to clubs holding a ‘sanctioned’ event and any affiliated club may apply for this assistance.

On the national stage we are in contact through COLFO with the NZ Police and government agencies working to ensure that all black powder shooters retain the freedom to continue to participate in our sport. This is very important as firearms users are always under pressure from anti gun/hunting groups.

In recent years we have helped maintain the ability of bp shooters to continue to import firearms of .50 caliber and larger, hammer shotguns (breech, flint and percussion) and to have the best bp ownership laws in the world.

Over the years we have evolved from being purely a federation of bp clubs with a compulsory membership to a voluntary membership organisation of mixed clubs and individuals.

Whilst many of our members affiliate through their home clubs (who also pay a small affiliation fee and have voting power at our Annual General Meeting) other members in more isolated venues affiliate directly to the organisation.

As part of the annual membership fee you are eligible to participate in national and international competitions and are kept informed on the bp scene through out NZ.

There are many more benefits for clubs and individuals who join us. If you wish to renew your membership please use the form on the next page. If you are not a member or want to know more please contact our secretary now - click here or write to : NZBPSF C/- 17 Harakeke Drive , Wharewaka . Taupo 3330

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For PEDERSOLI Firearms and/or those seeking to purchase Pedersoli products or parts etc... Go to "Calendar & Events Notices" Page (this website ) for contact details of N.Z. Agent "Magnum Imports".


Special Notice : N.Z. Police have created a new entity (F.S.A.) specifically to manage Firearms Safety and Control. New Regulations & Legislation requiring the registration & Certification of all Gun Ranges in N.Z. has become law as has the requirement to individualy Register all Firearms. Relevant information may be found at the N.Z. Police F.S.A. site : Click here . look for headers such as "Firearms registry" , "Clubs & Ranges" , "About my Firearms" to see the various documents that explain the new Laws / Regulations... All F/arms owners are affected by these regulations .


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