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Winter Mountain Man 2022 : Confirmed for this Queens B/day W/end at Tarrantsville (Event days ; Sat. June 4th - Sun.June 5th) The Flier with all details  is being emailed directly to all current financial  NZBPSF Members...

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M.B.S.F.  Labour W/end 2022 B.P. Rendezvous (MBSF range. 309 road Whitianga):  Mark this one on your Calender and await the Flier to follow closer to the date....


​​​​​​​The 2022 NZBPSF Nat. Shotgun Champs* are under planning . The Venue is to be the Rotorua B.P. Clubs Mead Rd. range  later this year (2022). Notices will follow  with a likely date to be not earlier than September.


The 2022 NZBPSF Nat. Rifle & Pistol Champs*..  Although the initial attempt to stage these at R.R.&G.C. P/nth  failed to attract  sufficient registrations the Rotorua B.P. Club has offered to re schedule & host this event at their Mead Rd. Range (Rotorua) later this year.                                                  With the COVID scourge apparently waning  it is hoped that more of our M/ship will make a deciscion to enter & compete...  Dates are yet to be finalised but likeley to be in the period Sept. onward. * Be encouraged to enter and participate in one or both of these annual championship events as a personal challenge and as a contribution to the continuation of our unique sport.


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*****The 21-21 year NZBPSF M/Ship Renewal form  is now available for Induviduals, Families and Affiliating Clubs. just Click on the correct form in the R.H. column this page                                       >>>>>>>>>.

The Rotorua Black Powder Club is happy to open up its website TRADING POST (For Sale & Wanted) for use by ALL NZ black powder shooters. Further info is found under ‘TRADING POST’ at       email your advertisements to:  Sign up at (‘Email me notices’ on the home page) and check regularly for new postings .


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